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Theories of Aging Chart Assignment

Theories of Aging Chart Assignment

Theories of Aging Chart Assignment

Theories of Aging Chart Assignment

Create a chart to examine the different aging theories. Include the following:

  • Identify six theories of aging:
    • Two biological or physiological
    • Two sociological
    • Two psychological or behavioral
  • A 50-word explanation for each of the six theories identifying the major components of the theories.

Write a 175- to 350-word response to the following questions:

  • Which theory do you think is most widely used?
  • Which theory do you most closely agree with as it relates to aging adults?
  • How would you use this theory in your work environment?

Include at least 2 peer-reviewed, scholarly, or similar articles supporting your chart and response.

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Gerontological nursing may be viewed as the nursing management for older population. Knowledge of nursing care and competency of caring for elderly become more important as the result of increasing population of old age people in the past decade and expecting in ongoing increasing in the next twenty years. There are many theories of aging that describe and explain aging process and how the individuals respond to changes that occur with aging. By understanding a normal process of aging, the quality of nursing care for this population may be enhanced. The purpose of…show more content…

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There are a number of theories of aging that attempt to explain and describe the pathway of aging and the different responses among

Theories of Aging Chart Assignment

Theories of Aging Chart Assignment

elderly behaviors to aging. The purpose of this paper is to illustrate the application of theory of aging into nursing practice to care for an old age individual. Two main theories of aging will be discussed in this paper and integrated in making and adjusting plan of care for the selected individual.

Theories of Aging

A psychosocial theory and a Biological theory are two main theories of aging being discussed in this paper. Psychosocial theories of aging describe aging in relation to behavior, personality, and attitude change throughout the aging process (Mauk, 2010). The main focus of the theory is on ego development and challenges faced by an individual at different life stages that helps analyze how personality, mental processes, and attitudes influence an individual’s adaptation to life changes (Grossman & Lange, 2006). Changing roles, relationships, and status within a culture or society are also taken into consideration by sociological theorists as impact on the older adult’s ability to adapt (Mauk, 2010). Biological theories of aging explains aging process related to physiological changes that occur in molecular level such as changes in cellular functions, tissues, and body systems (Grossman & Lange, 2006). Two main