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NURS 6241 Discussion Strategic Planning Issues

NURS 6241 Discussion Strategic Planning Issues

NURS 6241 Discussion Strategic Planning Issues

NURS 6241 Discussion Strategic Planning Issues

Identifying a strategic plan issue is an important first step in creating a strategic plan, but if there isn’t already a clear issue to be addressed, how can you determine what may make a meaningful impact on a community or organization? The answer is to consider the mission and/or vision of the organization, and then continue to ask questions until you arrive at an issue you feel confident will improve the organization in some way. Investigate to see if there is a particular segment of the organization that is underperforming or is not effectively meeting the needs of the population it is designed to meet.

Are there notable organizational achievements, successes, or failures that could be built upon or addressed? How are current and future trends in the industry likely to affect the organization? What strategic steps can be taken so that the organization is most likely to be successful in achieving the changes? Although it may initially feel like there are more questions than answers, delving into the current state of an organization will aid you in selecting a meaningful strategic issue.

For this Discussion, you will select and provide a summary of the strategic plan issue you wish to use for your Strategic Plan. You will have the opportunity to receive peer feedback before officially submitting your Strategic Plan issue for instructor approval in this week’s Assignment due on Day 7 of Week 2.

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Note: Please try to submit your initial and response posts early this week to allow time to submit your Assignment by Day 7.

To Prepare:

Review this week’s Learning Resources and the document How to Identify a Strategic Plan Issue.

Identify a strategic plan issue that has significant impact on your organization and/or community. Consider the following as you work to identify an issue:

NURS 6241 Discussion Strategic Planning IssuesHistorical analysis of issue

Explanation of how evidence from the literature supports the need to address this issue (Note: Include appropriate resources.)

Past attempts by various individuals and groups to address this issue

Stakeholders who should be included in the strategic planning process

Financial implications for the organization

By Day 3

Post a summary of a strategic plan issue present in your organization or community for which you will develop a Strategic Plan.

Include the following:

Explain the steps you used for identifying this particular issue.

Discuss why your proposed issue is important and/or how the issue may add value to your organization/community.

Read a selection of your colleagues’ responses

By Day 6

Respond to at least two of your colleagues on two different days by offering suggestions to refine or clarify their topics as a strategic plan issue.

You will incorporate peer and Instructor feedback from this Discussion and use the Strategic Plan Issue Template to submit your Strategic Plan issue for Instructor approval by Day 7 of Week 2.