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NUR665 Nursing Education Practicum Week 13 Assignment.

NUR665 Nursing Education Practicum Week 13 Assignment.

NUR665 Nursing Education Practicum Week 13 Assignment.

Implementation Reflection

An effective nurse educator participates in continuous reflection of instruction. Reflection allows the nurse educator to identify areas of needs in order to improve practice and student success.

The purpose of this assignment is to reflect on lesson plan implementation in the practicum setting.

After implementing your lesson plan, write a 350-500 word short answer reflection on the following questions:

Were students actively engaged in the learning? How do you know?

Did you make changes to your lesson during implementation? What were the changes and why did you make that change?

What refinements will be necessary before implementing this lesson again? Support your answer with at least one evidence-based practice.

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NUR665 Nursing Education Practicum Week 13 Assignment.

NUR665 Nursing Education Practicum Week 13 Assignment.

What went well that you will repeat in future lesson plan implementations?

This assignment requires 2-3 scholarly sources.

APA style is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.

This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

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While it can be difficult to find the time to reflect on each project you complete with your class, this step is a crucial component of instructional design. Implementing project-based learning is a continuous process, and the evaluation you perform at the end of every project helps you identify what worked well and determine areas that need refinement. This process ensures that the projects, as well as your methodology for implementing them, get better with every iteration.

Step 1: Celebrate

Pat yourself on the back. Endowing your students with choice and responsibility involves an element of risk, but you know that risk potentiates rewards. Project work is often a commitment of significant time and energy, and the completion of every project is an event worth celebrating. Take a moment to share your students’ pride and satisfaction.

The celebration isn’t the time to agonize over aspects of the project that weren’t perfect. Use this time to enjoy what has been accomplished. You facilitated a project that helped your students learn how they best learn. Instead of standing at a lectern dispensing information, you modeled for your students how to approach new ideas, information, and problems. You empowered your students by providing them opportunities to think, and to think about thinking, that will help them in all subject areas and in the many years of life that happen after school is finished.

Step 2: Individually Reflect and Evaluate

NUR665 Nursing Education Practicum Week 13 Assignment.

First and foremost, you need to ask if the project a success in terms of student learning. PBL takes significant classroom time. Did the investment pay off in terms of student learning, skills, and behavior? In what ways can you measure this?

Focusing specifically on the design, implementation, and management of the project, yourself the following questions:

  • Did the work students completed help them answer the essential question?
  • Can I change the task to make it more interesting/challenging/successful?
  • Where in the process did students have problems?
  • Was there foundational knowledge that was missing or incomplete?
  • What did the students enjoy the most? What did they like the least?
  • Was the school or community interested in the project?