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N 584 Discussion Staff Development and Health Education

N 584 Discussion Staff Development and Health Education

N 584 Discussion Staff Development and Health Education

N 584 Discussion Staff Development and Health Education

Please respond to ONE of the following prompts:

In what way(s) do you believe nursing shortages have an effect on the delivery of staff development and health education programs in the practice setting? Explain your answer and offer solutions to any problems you identify.


Debate the importance for a nurse educator to be able to prepare, manage, and evaluate a budget of an education program.

When you are ready for the discussion, do the following:

Click on the discussion link above.

Start your answer by clicking “Start a New Thread” button with the title of your answer and the body of text following the guidance above.

To properly post your answer, please click on the “Post” button.

After posting your contribution, you must read what others have posted, reply to at least two of those posts, and respond (when appropriate) to those you have responded to you.

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N 584 Discussion Staff Development and Health Education 

N 584 Discussion Staff Development and Health Education

Staff development is a process directed towards the
personal and professional growth of nurses and other
personal while they are employed by a health care agency.
Staff development refers to all training and education
provided by an employee to improve the occupational and
personal knowledge, skills and attitudes of rested of rested
2. Definition
Staff Development Programme
Focus on developing nursing skills knowledge within a
comprehensive program that includes orientation in
service education, continuing education programs job
related counseling.
Need of Staff Development
1) Staff development activities include training and
education needed because social change and scientific
advancement cause rapid nursing knowledge and
2) Purpose of staff development program for nurses is to
provide the opportunity for nurses to continuity acquire
and implement the knowledge skill, attitudes ideals
and valued essential for maintenance of high quality of
nursing care.
3) Education should be transmitted to bring cultural
4) Staff education include all planned education activity
recognized by a health care agency as directed towards
meeting the job related learning needs of the nurse
continuing education and in-service education.
Staff Development Activity
Staff development activities are defined by its concepts
such as competence, interest needs leaning and training.
Is the state of processing qualities and abilities that are
required for a normal role a task (eg) nurse competence in
handling new equipment.
Are inclinations that cause an individual t be attracted or
repelled by certain objects, events are persons with the
result that the individual seeks experience that favor
development. The goal of staff development program
should be stimulate sufficient interest is a topic that the
learner will continue to study the object independently.
Is a lack, tension, desire condemned that implies a person
to specific behavior. An educational need is a measurable
discrepancy between a person’s actual job competence
and designed competence level.
Consists of desirable behavioral from a proscribed
May be defined as an method of ensuring that people have
knowledge and skills for a specific purpose that they
acquired the necessary knowledge to perform the duties of
the job. It is expected to acquiring new skills will
increases productivity or create a better product.
The department of continuing education an integral part of
the nursing division and embraces the philosophy of the
1) We believe that the primary goal of health care agency
is the acquirement of a high quality of health care
attainment of this goal is confinement of the continues
development of all the personal.
2) We believe that the focus of the department of
continuing education is the development of all
employees including the nurses employed by the health
care agency and the nursing community at large.
3) We believe the educational activities should be
designed and implemented to promote a high standard
of state, effective nursing practice ad increase job
enhancement through lifelong learners.
4) We believe that are education environment should be
non threatening and acknowledge the individuality of
its learners.
5) We believe that teaching decreasing is a dynamic
collaborative should process between teacher and
learner. The process an result is a change is cognitive,
psychomotor and effective behavior of the individual.
6) We believe that mastery learning assist learners is
achieving a acceptable level of performance and
should be utilized to provide a basis for accountability
to the client, to the instructions and the profession of