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Employment and Labor Relations Presentation Assignment

Employment and Labor Relations Presentation Assignment

Employment and Labor Relations Presentation Assignment

Employment and Labor Relations Presentation

Review the assigned employment and labor relations scenario located on the student website.

Prepare a 12- to 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® proposal presentation with detailed speaker notes for the hospital executive committee in which you address the items listed below.

  • Background information
    • Describe the employment and labor relations situation. This requires a brief summary of the situation you have been assigned to address.
    • Identify and explain the law or laws that apply to your situation.
      Employment and Labor Relations Presentation

      Employment and Labor Relations Presentation

  • Part I – Problem resolution
    • Explain how you would apply the law to handle this situation.
  • Part II – Prospective Risk Management
    • Identify and describe strategies you could adopt to limit legal risk in this area in the future.
  • Be prepared to address any questions the committee may have.

Prepare a 1-page abstract of your proposal to hand out to the committee for review during your presentation.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your Employment and Labor Relations Presentation assignment.

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As the nature of employment in modern society continues to change, employment relations have become a highly relevant area of expertise. The heart of employment relations is a complicated practice with multiple theories, legal frameworks, policies and rules. By first establishing a sound understanding of employment relations practice and the enforcing authorities, the following essay aims to provide a clear understanding of substantive and procedural rules, the distinctions between them and their importance to employment relations practice.
Employment relations can be explained as a multi-disciplinary function of business concerned with protecting individual and collective rights, obtaining efficiency and equity, and maintaining the balance of power between employers and employees (Rasmussen and Lamm, 2002); anyone who earns an income through work or is involved in the organisation or management of employees is said to be participating in employment relations. Important for both employers and individuals, a strong employment relationship can improve job satisfaction, workplace morale and the overall performance of the organisation. In order to be effective, employment relationships must be balanced and require reciprocity from both parties. To ensure equality and fairness within the employment relationship, legislation and regulation has been introduced to protect relationship stakeholders.
According to Moore (2011), the State refers to an organised community under one…