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Discussion Graduate Programs in Psychology

Discussion Graduate Programs in Psychology

Discussion Graduate Programs in Psychology

Discussion Graduate Programs in Psychology

Give some insight to their response or maybe they missed some information.

Questions for the main discussion

1. Generally speaking, what pieces of information are applicants to graduate programs in psychology required to provide (e.g., academic information, standardized testing, recommendations, personal information, etc…)?

2. What are the costs for graduate programs? What types of financial aid are available? What are other options (e.g., merit fellowships, assistantships, outside employment)? How much debt do graduate students generally take on and does that vary based on degree (masters vs. doctoral) or program (e.g., Ph.D. vs. Psy.D.)?

3. What about accreditation? How important is it? How can prospective students differentiate between quality programs and programs that could actually hinder their chances for professional internships or future employment?

Response #1
Greetings everyone,

Below are my answers to the discussion questions.

1. Applying to graduate school calls for immediate dedication. You need a statement of purpose basically a letter bragging about your every accomplishments. Recommendation letters also boost your image.

2. There are tons of programs offered to veterans, dependents, and government civilians. and are just gateways towards grants and scholarships. Loans are not recommended but definitely an option. During the pandemic there are multiple programs being offered for free and courses. Students can average up to $82,000 of debt.

3. Accreditation is extremely important. You must make sure you’re not going through years of hard work and dedication; just for you not to be recognized. Do research, look for reviews. Speak to alumni if you have the opportunity. – Shalese

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Response #2
Applying for a graduate degree is a rather complex and confusing process. There are hundreds of schools across the United States alone to choose from each having a multitude of areas to specialize in. Inorder to get into a graduate program in psychology an applicant must present GRE scores, personal statements, letters of reference, and a resume detailing relevant academic and research experience. GRE is an acronym for General Record Examination. It is a standardized test used by many graduate schools to test an individuals Analytical writing, quantitative reasoning and verbal reasoning prior to admissions.

Depending on the graduate program and if the school being attended is public or private a student can expect to spend between $30,000 and $40,000 annually on tuition and fees. There are many ways to mitigate the costs of graduate school such as, working a part time job or going to school part time, attending a public school, or applying for grants and scholarships. Student loans can quickly rack up. If a student already has debt from an undergraduate degree the numbers only rise, not to mention taxes.

Accreditation is important because it certifies that an individual is receiving a higher quality of education and the school or program can be trusted. Knowing that a school is approved by a third-party evaluation system brings peace to the applicants who may worry about education standards. Attending accredited schools allows for students to have more financial aid opportunities, employer recognition, and it is easier to transfer credits. The type of program entered can either assist a student in excelling through their career or hold them back. Some programs are tailored for students wanting to pursue research jobs or proceed to a PH.D while others are designed to enhance other skills while not setting you up for an additional certification. – Cietera