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Cultural Relativism Assignment Cultural Relativism Assignment

Cultural Relativism Assignment Cultural Relativism Assignment


Cultural Relativism Assignment

Cultural Relativism Assignment

The anthropological principle of Cultural Relativism is at its core about appreciating diversity. The following quote is from a recent  TEDx talk, How Culture Drives Behaviors:

“…we all see the world through cultural glasses. The  lens through which your brain sees the world shapes your reality. If  you can change the lens, not only can you change the way your brain  perceives behaviors, but you can change the way people relate to  cultural differences.” (Julien Bourrelle)

Cultural Relativism Assignment

An initial post of at least 300 words, describe and comment on two ways your lens has changed, recently or in the past, in other words, how you  have come to appreciate diversity more than before.  (You can describe  more than two ways, if you wish.) This can be between you and members of  an entirely different culture, or a between you and members of a  different subculture within western society (for example, as defined by national origin, language, race, or religion).

Remember, you are writing a single, integrated essay that discusses both of these changes.  For each of the two (or more) ways your lens has changed do the following three things:

1. Name at least one specific event or chain of events that opened your eyes to diversity and explain exactly what you learned for the first time about a different culture or subculture,  for example concerning someone else’s religion, family life, work practices, philosophy or any other aspect of their way of being human.

2.  Discuss what you learned about how those in another culture  or subculture see the world.  This amounts to not just understanding  that they have a practice that is different from what you are familiar with  (for example, a religious ritual or a way of dressing), but your  perceiving some of the values, perspectives, beliefs, or philosophy that  underly that practice.

3.  For each instance of “changing your lens” that you  describe, be sure to explain what your preconceptions or first  impressions were of this practice, belief, or other aspect of culture  and what your attitude toward it was after you became familiar with it,  perhaps over a period of time.


TED talk-How Culture Drives Behaviours | Julien S. Bourrelle | TEDxTrondheim