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Computer Science Personal Statement

Computer Science Personal Statement

Computer Science Personal Statement

Computer Science Personal Statement

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Personal Statement for cyber security master course (Imperial College London) -A year3 student studying ?Computer Science? bachelor degree in UK (Surrey) -Studied ICT in IGCSE -Always want to expand knowledge about computers and the importance of security -Interest towards how computer works and programming started at a young age, watching movies about I.T experts/hackers perform cool tricks and realise the importance of security of privacy -Think security is an important aspect of everything we do or use in a daily life basis (accommodation/keys, bank, products that we use) -With more work relied on computers to reduce work load for humans, more data and information will be stored in the network of databases -Large amount of data needs to be handled, information might be sensitive and had to kept confidential which leads to cyber security on how to have protection against privacy -Future job is to find a job related to cyber security or a security analysts, so when I am programming a network, a software project or anything on the computer, I will always understand the security behind it

Computer Science Personal Statement
My fascination with technology was sparked when, as a child I thought it would be a great idea to take apart my Playstation console. Aware of the danger, I was still eager to see how it all worked inside. I find it intriguing how fast society has been shaped and continues to be, by the influence of Computer Science. A few years ago if someone were to have claimed that cars would become autonomous, people would have doubted them. Now we are at a stage where nearly anything is possible and this is due to the relentless problem solving of computer scientists. The latest software update released by Tesla motors allows their cars to learn how to drive themselves, and is an example of artificial intelligence, a sector which I am most interested in. I want to study Computer Science because I want to gain the knowledge needed to be able to help find solutions to world problems, with the efficient use of computer technology. With the knowledge and skills, I will attain from this course, the creative ideas that I could bring into fruition would be endless. I hope to become one of the computer scientists who adapt technology to help the human race evolve. One possibility would be for artificially intelligent gadgets to recognise different people and adjust to their individual needs based on personal preferences. I have been teaching myself Objective-C syntax in my spare time and have completed online programming courses, which have allowed me to explore the endless possibilities that computer science can bring to the world. I have also learnt to create a simple iOS game using Apple’s syntax called ‘Swift’, in XCode alongside Photoshop.

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I understand that computer science is not just about programming and hardware but also about the ethics entailed in the process of a design as well as innovative thinking. Studying A-Level Philosophy and Ethics has given me an insight into many ethical situations that may arise around computer science such as the creation of artificial intelligence. This raises controversy of whether or not we should be trying to create artificial intelligence, as people have different beliefs and faiths. One example of such controversy was during the development of Honda’s Asimo robot when engineers had to visit the Vatican to seek permission to continue the project due to how human-like the robot was developed to walk. During a week of volunteering on NCS I visited Wazoku, the creators of an idea-sharing software used by major corporations such as Waitrose and The BBC. I was given an insight into the working environment that I hope to join after completing my degree. I am applying for work experience at Wazoku, in order to learn about how the software industry can influence the progress of companies.

I am constantly seeking to learn new skills and gain experience from various activities. I have been a member of the RAF Air Cadets for four years, where I have learnt many valuable life skills such as discipline, leadership, charity and confidence. Alongside these life skills I have gained various qualifications such as The St. John’s Ambulance Youth First Aid qualification and Leading Cadet qualification. Being a cadet also involved doing charity work such as raising money for the RAF Benevolence Fund and the Poppy Appeal. Through all these experiences I have learnt how to work with people from all walks of life, different backgrounds and people who have different beliefs and ideas to the ones I do. This has enabled me to adjust my approach to solving different problems and situations.

Technological advancements take place around us everyday, from the evolution of bulky antenna phones into smart phones to the introduction of smart virtual assistants such as Apple’s Siri, Google Now and Windows’ Cortana. I am inspired by the fact that computer science has become a fundamental element in the development of a better, smarter future for our world and my goal is to be part of that development process.