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Assignment: Program Evaluation Paper

Assignment: Program Evaluation Paper

Assignment: Program Evaluation Paper

Assignment: Program Evaluation Paper


Choose a health care delivery or educational program, be it existing or one in the proposal stage, in your workplace or community. Examples include a smoking cessation or diabetic education program. You use this program throughout the course to plan a program evaluation.  IF YOU CHOOSE A NATIONAL PROGRAM, YOUR EVALUATION MUST BE ABOUT A LOCAL APPLICATION.  For example, the American Diabetes Association (APA) sponsors training programs all across the country.  LOCAL people and agencies, e.g. hospitals, host these classes, using information and training aids provided by the APA.  DO YOUR PROGRAM EVALUATION OF THE LOCAL PROGRAM, NOT THE NATIONAL APA.

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper to begin your program evaluation plan.

Describe the program and explain why you selected it.

Identify program goals and objectives, if available. If the program does not have existing goals and objectives, determine what you think they should be and explain why. Include a description of the role of goals and objectives in the evaluation process.

Define the steps and phases of program planning and evaluation in relation to your chosen program. If the steps and phases of

Assignment Program Evaluation Paper

Assignment Program Evaluation Paper

program planning were not followed for your program, make recommendations as to how they should have been incorporated and provide your rationale.

Identify stakeholders and analyze their role and inclusion in the evaluation process.

Explain how data related to the program is or will be tracked.

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HCS 549 WEEK 3 Program Evaluation Paper Part II

Use the program you selected in the Program Evaluation Paper Part I and continue your program evaluation plan.

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper explaining why a needs assessment was performed at the beginning phases of program development.

Examine the role of the needs assessment in your evaluation plan.

Recommend an appropriate evaluation design or model for your program.

Identify data collection sources for your program based on your reading. What information will these sources provide you? What type of method is used: qualitative or quantitative?

HCS 549 WEEK 6 Program Evaluation Paper Part III

Completeyour program evaluation plan of the program selected in Week Two.

Write a 2,540- to 3,150-word paper.

Integrate data collection methods into the program evaluation plan.

Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of data collection sources for your program.

Determine threats to the data collection process for your plan.

Recommend appropriate data analysis procedures for your plan.

Distinguish between data of practical significance and data of statistical significance in your plan.

Determine appropriate measures for assessing impact of your program.

Describe processes in your program evaluation to increase the likelihood your recommendations will be used. Critique at least two and explain how you would convince stakeholders to best utilize your evaluation.  AGAIN, DESCRIBE AT LEAST TWO METHODS TO CONVINCE STAKEHOLDERS TO USE YOUR FINDINGS AND RECOMMENDATIONS.