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Assignment: Patient-Centered Nursing Framework Essay

Assignment: Patient-Centered Nursing Framework Essay

Assignment: Patient-Centered Nursing Framework Essay

Assignment: Patient-Centered Nursing Framework Essay


The model selected for this research is the patient-centered theory of nursing care. McCormack and McCance developed the model in 2006. It mainly encompasses acknowledging the patient as a whole person and involving them as well as their significant others in assessing, planning, implementing, and evaluating healthcare needs. The model comprises of constructs that include prerequisites, care environment, person-centeredness, and outcomes. Prerequisites encompass the attributes of a nurse. They include being competent, having adept interpersonal skills, being committed, and demonstrating clarity in client’s values and beliefs. Care environment focuses on the context in which care is provided. The environment should facilitate shared decision-making and formation as well as sustenance of effective relationships among the staffs (McCance & McCormack, 2017). Person-centeredness focuses on ensuring that nurses and other healthcare providers work with the patients and respect their values, beliefs, practices, and involve them in the decision-making process (Slater, McCance & McCormack, 2017). Lastly, outcomes are the results of effective nursing care. It is evaluated based on metrics such as patient satisfaction with care, patient’s perceived level of involvement in care, and the patient’s wellbeing.

How Patient-Centered Framework Addresses the Concepts of a Nursing Metaparadigm

There are four metaparadigms in nursing. They include the person, environment, nursing, and health. The person is the patient receiving the care. The patient-centered framework of nursing considers the patient as a whole being who has complex healthcare needs. The nurse understands these needs by working with the patient to explore his or her values and beliefs that shape their views of the health problem. The framework also perceives the person to be a product of interplay between factors such as culture, social norms, values, and beliefs. As a result, the focus of the nurses is on ensuring that these factors are explored to understand the most effective model of care that will enhance outcomes of care. The framework also considers the patient to play a critical role in the decision-making process. The nurse should ensure that there is active participation of the patient in the exploration of the health issues facing them and identification of ways of addressing them for their wellbeing (Labrusse & Sayligil, 2017). The active participation of the patients is associated with outcomes that include patient satisfaction, enhanced sense of wellbeing, and the creation of a therapeutic environment that facilitate healing and recovery.

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The component of nursing entails the provider of care to those in need. It focuses on the manner in which a nurse applies the knowledge and skills h/she has to ensure that the healthcare needs of the patient are met. The patient-centered framework asserts that

Assignment Patient-Centered Nursing Framework Essay

Assignment Patient-Centered Nursing Framework Essay

a nurse should be professionally competent. The nurse should be able to demonstrate a clear understanding of the patient’s values, beliefs, and practices that influence the care they need. The nurse should also demonstrate competence in communicating with patients in a variety of settings. This competency ensures that they have adept understanding of the diverse issues that inform care. The framework also considers a nurse to be a person that is committed to achieving the optimum goals of care for their patients (McCance & McCormack, 2017). These goals are achieved if the nurse is aware of his or her beliefs and the ways in which they can influence the care being given.

The component of environment focuses on the factors that influence the health of the patient. The patient-centered framework perceives a caring environment as that respects the role of the patient in the provision of care. The environment should promote shared decision-making and prioritization of the patient’s perception of the care that should be offered to them. The component of health focuses on the quality as wellness of the patient (Keating, McDermott & Montgomery, 2014). The framework asserts that health is achieved when the patient’s role in the provision of care is prioritized.

How Patient-Centered Framework Qualifies as a Theoretical Framework in Nursing

The patient-centered framework qualifies as a theoretical framework in nursing due to many reasons. Firstly, it consists of concepts that influence practice. The framework consists of concepts such as patient, environment, health, and nursing, which inform the focus of practice in nursing. The framework also has explicit general propositions that act as principles of nursing practice. According to it, the nurse should focus on creating an environment that promotes shared-decision making. The nurse should recognize the critical role of the patient in care. Through these propositions, it makes it easy to use the framework in nursing practice. The framework is also generalizable. It is not applied to a specific group of patients suffering from a condition. The framework can be used in all types of patients in hospital and community settings. The framework also provides basis for hypothesis that can be verified in research (McCance & McCormack, 2017). An example is testing whether shared decision-making improve the goals of care in healthcare institutions. Therefore, these characteristics of the patient-centered framework quantify it as a nursing theory.

Application of the Patient-Centered Framework

The patient-centered framework is applicable to my role as an advanced practice nurse in many ways. Firstly, it raises the relevance of patient-centeredness in the provision of care. It increases the need for my focus on patient’s values, beliefs, and practices in the provision of healthcare. The framework also increases the relevance of shared decision-making in healthcare. As a result, I would ensure that patients play an active role in making decisions on ways in which their health-related goals can be met. The framework also stresses the importance of competence among nurses. Therefore, I will ensure that I become a competent nurse by engaging in research on issues affecting nursing and attending training on issues that shape the practice of modern nursing.

In conclusion, patient-centered framework is a theory that can be used in the provision of evidence-based practice. The framework focuses on the provision of care that not only meets the health needs of the patient but also the promotion of the patient’s wellbeing too. The framework qualifies as a theory because it focuses on nursing concepts such as the person, nursing, and environment. Studies have also shown that the framework can be used to address the health needs of any patient. Therefore, it is important that nurses explore further the ways in which the patient-centered framework can be used to optimize the health outcomes of their patients.

Select one of the two models (either the Person-Centered Nursing Framework or the Chamberlain Care Model).
1. In a three- to four-page scholarly paper, address the following:
a. Provide a succinct overview of the model you have selected and discuss how the selected model addresses the four concepts within the nursing metaparadigm (person, health, nursing, and environment).
b. Discuss how the selected model qualifies as a theoretical framework within the profession of nursing, and its use within the profession.
c. Describe how the chosen model can be applied in the future APN role (education)
I selected the patient-centered care model. and my specialty track is education

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